Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Snyders update January 2018

As 2017 has departed and we have welcomed 2018, the Snyder family is very hopeful in anticipation for an exciting year ahead. 

Many on social media are coming up with "words" for their year. We didn't pray or get a special "word" but we do feel like 2018 is going to be a year of preparation for us. 

The reality is that our Religious visa expires in August 2019 and we can't renew it again. We feel the Lord leading us full-time to Africa with a few new focuses for our ministry as a family. 

This past November, YWAM Chico held the Presence Gathering and during that time, Joy felt specific words for their future:
-10-40 Window
-Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

In November 2016, Joy felt God calling her into pursuing midwifery studies. She started studying a distance education program through Mercy In Action and is thoroughly enjoying it. There are 20 modules and she's working on her 7th. She is also working toward her doula certification, supporting mothers and their partners through their birth experience here in California. Long-term, she desires to do her apprenticeship/clinical practice in Africa and there is a potential to do that in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, but that will be a little ways into the future. 

Mike has a passion to reach out to Muslims in the 10-40 window. There is a YWAM Course at YWAM Redding (just 1.5 hours from Chico) called the School of Islamic Studies that's 12 weeks long and runs from July through September. Mike is applying for that and Joy will remain in Chico taking care of the boys, studying and working in the Registrar's office. 

As of now, our monthly finances are adequate. However, we are facing some needs for one-time donations to cover the midwifery school and books and the school of Islamic studies. 

Currently, we owe $6300 CDN to cover the midwifery school and books, and we will need an additional $2995 USD ($3900 CDN) for the school of Islamic studies.

We are trusting God and asking for His provision, knowing how faithful he has been in the past, He has never failed us yet! 

Prayer Requests:
-Continued health for our family
-Finances (one-time donations to help cover our needs) 
-Clarity and vision for our future ministry

Blessings to you and your families as you also serve Him in 2018!

Mike, Joy, Elijah and Noah Snyder

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May 2016 update

A quick update from us- The Snyder Family will be heading to Guatemala June 7-14/2016 to visit some of our former DTS students, visit churches/small groups to s...hare about our upcoming Africa Adventure DTS and YWAM Chico, and as a bonus, we will visit with our friend, Gaby, who was Elijah and Noah's nanny the past two DTS seasons.
Please be praying for smooth travels, and lots of open doors to share about DTS/YWAM Chico.
Joy continues to meet new students as they inquire about and apply for our upcoming schools through the Registrar's office.
Mike is enjoying lots of great fort-building, lego-building and cheerios with both Elijah and Noah.

Friday, 19 February 2016

New happenings 2016

Once again, we had a very fruitful Africa Adventure DTS and outreach to 3 separate locations in Africa (Uganda, Mali, and South Africa). A major praise was that we as a family spent 9 weeks travelling around Africa with 14 flights and the boys did incredible. We have enjoyed a restful time at home for the last couple of weeks. Elijah has enjoyed playing with friends and his growing LEGO collection. Noah really enjoys chewing on shoes and pulling books off the shelves.

As spring is upon us at YWAM Chico, the Snyders are very excited for the new season. We are already praying and preparing for the 2nd Africa Adventure DTS, beginning the end of August 2016. We already have 5 students applied and are praying for at least 20 students. Joy will be returning to the registrar office, while Mike will be staying home with the boys...Mike asks for your prayers for this new adventure :)

Visiting YWAM Bamako, Mali

 Elijah telling the pilot how to fly the plane

Elijah showing the pilot how to fly the plane

Elijah's friend, Isaac, YWAM Arura Uganda

Once again, we cannot express our thanks to the many people who make it possible to do what we love to do! Without you, this would not be possible. Your support, whether prayfully or financially is much appreciated!


The Snyders

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fall Update

Hi everyone! 

We've had such an incredible few months! Mike and I have been leading the Africa Adventure DTS with 9 incredible students from USA, Denmark, Brazil, and South Korea. We've enjoyed weeks of learning on Hearing God's voice, Father Heart of God, Holy Spirit & spiritual gifts, worship, spiritual warfare, what's in your Truth box? And this week we've experienced fellowship with other YWAMers from California, Arizona and around the world for the Presence Gathering...seeking Gods presence during corporate times of worship and prayer. YWAM founder, Loren Cunningham came and spoke Sunday evening about the power of Gods word and his desire to #endbiblepovety. 

Next week is our final week of the DTS lecture, on cross-cultural missions then we will be headed on outreach! 

Our students will be traveling directly to South Africa and will spend 9 weeks there, visiting Johannesburg, Worcester, and Jeffreys Bay (3 weeks at each location) 

Our family will be joining the Crossroads DTS in Uganda for about 10 days as they start their outreach. Then we will fly to Mali, in west Africa, to visit our friends John and Julie Clark, who are on staff with YWAM there. It will be nice to visit them and also scout out for future outreaches. We will be there a week then we will travel to Johannesburg, South Africa and meet up with our DTS students and will spend the last 6.5 weeks of the outreach with them. 

We are very much looking forward to what God will do in and through us, to see nations changed by His extravagant love. 

Please be praying for us during this time for:

-safety and protection
-good health
-smooth transitions for both boys, Noah has never travelled or been on a plane yet

Since our family has become a family of four, we have enjoyed many great times with the boys, Elijah is a great older brother, including Noah in his "pretending" games (planes, trains, cars, animals, crafts, etc.) our nanny, Gaby is such a huge help to us too, keeping the boys on a consistent schedule, and giving them attention while we are in class, leading small groups, doing outreach preparations with the DTS students. Noah is learning the basics so quickly! He crawled before 6 months, and he's already pulling himself up to standing at the couch/chair/wall and taking a few steps when assisted...6 months is too early for all of at! This mama is kinda freaking out about how mobile he will be on outreach! 

To end, we want to say thanks to each and every one of you that have thought of us, prayed for us, sent notes of encouragement or financial support... Each one of you is an integral part of this team that are making disciples who will make disciples for the Kingdom of God! We can never say thank you enough! 

If you do feel led to help us with our outreach funds, you can do so in Canada through YWAM Canada 
http://www.ywamcanada.org/donations.html or in the US through YWAM Chico at www.ywamchico.com

In Christ Alone, 

Mike, Joy, Elijah and Noah Snyder

YWAM founder, Loren Cunningham sharing Sunday evening at the Presence Gathering, YWAM Chico.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fall Africa Adventure DTS!!

Hello friends

The Snyder's will be going on an African adventure this November! We feel led to join our Crossroads Discipleship Training School(CDTS) in Uganda, which will then be traveling into South Sudan. The CDTS is an amazing group of 10 students with 2 children, also 2 staff couples(with 5 children among them). We'll be partnering with YWAM bases during our time there and joining with their ministries. 
After a short time with the CDTS team we'll (Mike & Joy, plus Elijah & Noah) travel to Mail, which is in west Africa. In Mali we'll visit our friends John & Julie Clark who are missionaries with YWAM. It will be a time to reconnect with the Clarks and also "scout out" for future YWAM Chico outreach teams. 
To finish our African adventure, we'll then travel down to South Africa and meet up with our Discipleship Training School (DTS). In this school we have 9 wonderful students who are on fire for God! We'll spend 6-7 weeks traveling to 3 different places in SA, working with YWAM and other ministries before we head back to Chico California in January.
We can't wait to see how God will use our entire family during this time. We ask that you keep us in your prayers during this adventure! 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Sweet arrival!

Noah Emmanuel Snyder joined our family Monday, April 20 @ 2:11pm...a full week overdue. We are still in the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4. We've thoroughly enjoyed visits from Joy's parents, Mike's mom and his aunt during the month of May.

YWAM Chico is entering camp season, with 3 large camps through the end of July. 

Temperatures have been hovering around 100F already daily. We are thankful for the refreshing pool here, which Mike is proudly taking care of.

We are once again leading the DTS starting in September. Our preparations are coming along well and our focus this year is once again on the African continent.  

Thank you for your prayers for Noah's safe arrival.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Waiting not so patiently!

Our newest member to the Snyder family is taking his sweet time joining the world! Officially two days past due now and we are praying every day for Gods perfect timing for his arrival (Joy would definitely prefer sooner rather than later!) please continue praying with us for a safe smooth and healthy delivery in the very near future!